Laura Thépot – translations & transcriptions

Laura Thépot – translations is a freelance translation and transcription service, based in Berlin, since 2013.

Born in Strasbourg, France in 1983, I was raised in both the U.S.A. and France, in a bilingual household.

Although I spent my primary and secondary education at the International School of Strasbourg, intensively studying English and foreign languages, I felt the need to broaden my horizons and study design after gratudating.
Once I graduated with a Masters in fine arts, majoring in Landscape Design, from the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, in 2011, I went on to work as a landscape architect.
A few years into the profession, and working in various agencies, but still not finding the right fit, I decided to make a big professional change and become a translator, giving me the opportunity to return to my first love and use my various language skills in the fields of translation, copy-editing, proofreading, and transcription.
With such a varied linguistic background, I am able to say with certainty that my source languages are English, French, German, Spanish, and my target languages are English and French, thereby making me a very practical and flexible asset to your company.


Since May 2019: Freelance translator and transcriber for various companies and foundations.
February 2016 – May 2019:
 Translator, copyeditor, and proof-reader for DOM publishers / Drafter for Meuser Architekten, Berlin - DE
December 2013 – February 2016: Freelance translator for various companies and foundations.
July – November 2013: Landscape Architect - competition team - for A24 Landschaft, Berlin - DE
February 2013: Landscape Consultant for Axthelm-Rolvien Architekten, Potsdam - DE
November 2011 – December 2012: Drafter and Landscape Designer for Atelier Alfred Peter, Strasbourg - FR
September – October 2011: Landscape design and construction supervision for les Assises Européennes du Paysage, Strasbourg - FR
September 2001 – June 2011: Private English lessons and tutoring
July 2009: Landscape Consultant for Ewing Cole, Los Angeles - CA - U.S.A.
September 2006 – June 2007: Translator for All.Diag, Strasbourg - FR
July – August 2004: Translator for All.Diag, Strasbourg - FR


April 2013: Intensive German course at the Goethe Institut – Berlin
2005 – 2011: Studies at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (E.S.A.D.S.) – FR
2010 – 2011: D.N.S.E.P. (Diplôme National Supérieur en Expression Plastique), Major in Landscape Design, from the E.S.A.D.S. – FR
July 2010: Workshop “la Canopée” with the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Marseille – FR
2008 – 2009: D.N.A.P. (Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques) Major in Landscape Design, from the E.S.A.D.S. – FR
2004 – 2005: German studies in Berlin – DE
2003 – 2004: M.A.N.A.A. (Mise À Niveau en Arts Appliqués) at the Lycée Marc Bloch, Bischheim – FR
2002 – 2003: C.A.P. Couture Flou (Professional Training Certificate, in Tailoring), Strasbourg – FR
2001 – 2002: Baccalauréat in English Literature, Foreign Languages Major (German and Spanish), from the Lycée International des Pontonniers, Strasbourg – FR


English and French (native languages), German and Spanish (fluent), Italian (basic)